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General Information

The Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT) survey on customer movement in hospitality facilities is planned in the National Statistical Programme. The survey refers to all accommodation establishments (hotels and other) operating in the country and aims to collect information for each month of the year arrivals and presences of foreign and Italian customers.
Istat uses, to effect the revelation of the offices of the local authorities with specific expertise in the field of tourism.
To provincial capitals, according to the Legge Regionale Toscana n. 86 del 20 dic. 2016 "Consolidated Law of the regional tourism system", is attributed to the collection function and processing of statistical data on tourism.


The accommodation structure proview by the Legge Regionale Toscana n. 86 del 20 dic. 2016, presents in the province, have a duty to consider this recognition as enshrined in art. 7 del Decreto legislativo n. 322/1989, communicating electronically the data on arrivals and presences of guests.


The Settore 9 “Turismo di valenza sovracomunale” of the Comune di Lucca is competent to receive such information by the accommodation facilities located throughout the territory of the all province of Lucca.
The data collected are protected by statistical secrecy and subject to the rules on the protection of personal data ( Decreto legislativo 196/2003) and can only be used for statistical purposes and communicated by Istat in aggregate form for purposes of scientific research and study.


Statistic data on the movement of tourist in the Province of Lucca
Periodic processing tables of aggregated data by type of accommodation (hotels and other) and by origin of tourists (Italian and foreign), with reference to the tourist macro-areas of the province of Lucca and the individual municipalities in the area.

year 2016

- 2016 annuale (pdf 110kb)

- quarto trimestre 2016 (pdf 115 kb)
- terzo trimestre 2016 (pdf 235 kb)
- secondo trimestre 2016 (pdf 116 kb)
- primo trimestre 2016 (pdf 114 kb)


year 2015

- anno 2015 (pdf 114 kb)
- terzo trimestre 2015 (pdf 88 kb)
- primo semestre 2015 (pdf 88 kb)


archive of the prevoius years



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