Tourist destination observatory

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Tourist destination onservatory - Studies and analysis available to the territories and operators.

Below you will find some technical analysis and technical studies commissioned by the Tourist Service of the province of Lucca and designed to support the Tourist destination observatory and their respective Directory Panels in the municipalities of the area.

Il Progetto OTD e le dinamiche turistiche in Provincia di Lucca.(pdf 781 KB)


Le dinamiche turistiche in provincia di Lucca viste attraverso il web: Popolarità, Reputazione e Sentiment analysis. (pdf 3.404 KB)


Le dinamiche turistiche in provincia di Lucca viste attraverso il web: Popolarità, Reputazione e Sentiment analysis. SLIDES (pdf 885 KB)


La tassa di soggiorno in provincia di Lucca. Un valore per il territorio e il turismo? (pdf 718 KB)


L'ospitalità turistica in provincia di Lucca. Caratteristiche strutturali e qualitative delle imprese ricettive. (pdf 2.285 KB)


Tourist Destination Observatory

The Province of Lucca has joined the international project NECSTouR promoted by the Tuscany Region for the constitution of Tourist Destination Observatories. The project was born as a test instrument, to share and exchange experiences between the public institution and the business world, the social forces and consumers on the theme of the sustainability of tourist destinations.

The experimentation is based on the use of a set of parameters that broaden the analysis spectrum of the impact generated by tourism on the territories and the strategies pursued locally: from quality of life and work, to the impact of transport and the strategies for off-peak travel, the active protection of cultural and environmental heritage and the identity of destinations to the reduction and optimization of natural resources, in the first place of water as well as of energy consumption and waste management.

Tourist sites are evaluated on the basis of five indicators: social and environmental responsibility, quality of life of resident populations, cultural and environmental heritage protection, deseasonalization of tourist flows, transport and mobility. The international network has joined 15 regions and 21 supporting institutions, including international organizations, universities and research institutes, commercial associations and trade unions. The Province of Lucca participated in the project by supporting the municipalities with available data and analyzes and by conducting ad hoc surveys and studies to facilitate reflection and strategic decisions in tourism.