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Accomodation and beach facilities

In relation to the implementation of the testo Unico del Turismo that came into force with the regional law Legge Regione Toscana n. 86 del 20.12.2016,  the forms to be used for the opening of new accomodation facilities and the annual notifications to be sent by accommodation facilities (Hotels, etc.) and beach establishments regarding their characteristics is currently managed by the SUAP office of the concerned municipality the accomodation facility/beach establishment is located in.


Please note that such notifications are due (Art. 83)

 a) in case of new business start or forthcoming, when presenting the form Segnalazione certificata di inizio attività (SCIA) or the communication of forthcoming.

 b) every year before September 30, even if there are no changes compared to the previous report.

The reporting shall be given to the SUAP (Sportello Unico delle Attività Produttive) office of the concerned municipality.


Travel agencies

In accordance with the law Legge Regionale Toscana n. 86 del 20/12/2016 amending the regional law of Tuscany n. 42/2000 and regarding the opening of a new travel agency or any variation inherent the agency, it is necessary to sent the form Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività (SCIA) to the concerned Municipality of the area, only by web.

For the travel agencies in the town of Lucca the forms are available on the web portal


Non-Profit Activities

Regarding the activity of travel organization of non-profit associations in art. 97 of the law Legge Regionale Toscana n. 25 del 18/03/2016 and the occasional organization of  travel trips in art. 98 of Legge Regionale Toscana n. 86 del 20/12/2016 , it is necessary to send a notification of the organized activity, to the capital of the Province,  that is the municipality of Lucca.

Forms are available on the page Modelli attività no-profit

Tourist guides

After the entry into force on 04.09.2013 of the law 6 August 2013 n. 97 "Provisions for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the membership of Italy in the European Union - European Law 2013" (13G00138 - OJ General Series n. 194 of 08/20/2013) the qualification to the profession of tourist guide is valid throughout the national territory.


More information:

U.O. 4.1 Sportello Unico per le Imprese (SUAP)
Palazzo Santini - Via C. Battisti, 14
Opening times:
from Monday to Friday 8:45 to 13:15
tel. +39 0583 442302 - Fax +39 0583 442350 -


U.O. 9.1 Servizi Turistici di Valenza sovracomunale
Opening times:
Monday to Friday 8:45 to 13:15
tel. 0583 442342 -  fax 0583 442602 -

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment only (for discussion of current investigative practices).