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01 June 2017

Accommodation Facilities: Communication related to art. 83 of the Tuscan Regional Law no. 86/2016

Important for new accommodation facilities:

The information regarding facilities and equipment of hotels and other accomodation facilities have to be transmitted by using the forms available on the web portals of the SUAP office of the concerned municipalities of the area.
Please notice that the mentioned communication has to be submitted to the competent SUAP office of the concerned territory in case of new activity opening or sub-entry, at the same time of the submission of the SCIA declaration, and within September 30 every year, also if there are no variations compared to the previous communication.

15 marzo 2017

Per un nuovo sistema turistico a Lucca: ecosistemi, regole prodotti e destinazioni
Workshop: Lucca 17 marzo 2017


Program of the conference    

Press release

Srategie e nuovi Turismi in Toscana by Alberto Peruzzini: Dirigente Toscana Promozione Turistica.

L'ecosistema turistico lucchese  by Antonio Marino: Dirigente settore 9: servizi turistici di valenza sovracomunale.


2016, December 30

Consolidation act of the Regional Laws about Tourism

On December 20,  the new Legge regionale 20 dicembre 2016 n°86 - "Testo unico delle Leggi Regionali in materia di turismo" was approved,  redrafting the previous Regional Law Legge regionale 23 marzo 2000, n. 42 "Testo unico delle Leggi Regionali in materia di turismo" (coordinated text of Regional Law No 42/2000, No 14/2005, No 65/2010, No 74/2012) about tourist promotion, the functions of the Region, the Municipalities, the County seats, the Tourist Companies and the Tourist Professions.

More information about Tuscan tourism legislation is available on the web site of the Regione Toscana / attività turistiche / normativa


2016, January 8

New laws regarding the profession of tourist guide

Following the entry into force of Law of 6 August 2013 no. 97 "Disposizioni per l'adempimento degli obblighi derivanti dall'appartenenza dell' Italia all'Unione Europea - Legge Europea 2013" (13G00138 - GU General Chapter 194 of 20/08/2013). The license for the tour guide profession is valid in the entire Italian territory.

For detailed information, please visit the Servizio Formazione Professionale website.


2016, January 8

New regulation regarding the examination of Travel agency's technical director

From January 1, 2016, in the implementation of the Regional law 22/2015, the function of conducting the Exams of Travel Agency 's Technical Director has been transferred to the Tuscany Region.

  Interested persons can contact the offices of the Tuscany region for information:

URP number 800 860070
Switchboard tel. + 39 055 438 2111.